For Better or Worse

Mink#5I’m drawing (pun intended!) a lot of inspiration from my own life experiences and injecting it into Mink’s world. Unemployed out of college? Check. Short-cropped, slightly spiky hair? Check.  Delightfully quirky, insightful dad that’s self-employed? Check. Love you dad (you’re probably reading this).

That’s not to say that the strip will be a complete reflection of my life. Oh, no, not at all– you see, Mink is going to be much more exciting! He won’t be slaying any dragons, per se (unless you’d consider unemployment as a type of fire-breathing lizard) but he will be meeting new friends, making enemies and maybe even getting some sort of animal companion that’s secretly a master copywriter.

Stay tooned.

Foot in the Door Mouth

Mink#4Who’s heard of FOMO (fear of missing out)? For the uninitiated, it’s essentially the anxious feeling you get when you’d rather stay in and watch another episode of House of Cards instead of going out to do something social. FOMO has a more career-focused, successful cousin and he’s called FOMOONE (fear of missing out on networking events). The reason he’s more successful is because he’s well connected from all the networking events (FOMO is just a social party animal).

I used to get FOMOONE a lot when I was looking for a job (well duh, any opportunity you don’t jump on could be the one you lose out on) and today, it still creeps up behind me from time to time and whispers in my ear “Al, should you be out networking at some marketing or young business professionals event?”

If the feeling was actually a tangible creature, I’d probably whisper back “why don’t you finish my work little buddy? Hold down the fort and I’ll go out and mingle professionally!” He’d probably do a decent enough job.

But honestly, it’s always a breath of fresh air to get out and re-acquaint yourself with the professional community. It’s gotten me out of a thinking bubble several times and helps validate your hard work with others.


Rent I Pay


Today, about a fifth of children still live at home with their parents until the age of 29. Wow.

If you don’t land a job right out of college, chances are you’re back home, reliving that period of time you spent between high school graduation and freshman year. It’s like a crossover of Van Wilder and Groundhog Day, except you’re living with your parents.

My advice is try to move out when you get the chance. Saving money by living with mom and pop might seem like the best move for those swimming in student debt, but if you can land a full time job, weight your expenses and pack up.

Moving out forces you to learn some crucial life skills real fast. Like doing your own laundry (among other things).

The Graduate’s Dilemma

The Graduate's Dilemma

So begins the story of a recent college graduate named Mink and along with it, my own editorial on the world of marketing. This endeavor marries together two topics I’ve learned a fair bit about over the past few years: marketing and drawing (or more precisely, drawing cartoons).

What remains to be seen is if combining the two will provide anything remarkable. I encourage you to stick with it because who knows, you just might get a laugh or two at Mink’s expense.

If you haven’t seen it yet, a small window prompt at the top of the page will ask you to subscribe to future comics. In doing so, you’ll receive a brief email every time a comic is published (probably once a week). So go for it. You’ll want to know if Mink finds a job, right?