For Better or Worse

Mink#5I’m drawing (pun intended!) a lot of inspiration from my own life experiences and injecting it into Mink’s world. Unemployed out of college? Check. Short-cropped, slightly spiky hair? Check.  Delightfully quirky, insightful dad that’s self-employed? Check. Love you dad (you’re probably reading this).

That’s not to say that the strip will be a complete reflection of my life. Oh, no, not at all– you see, Mink is going to be much more exciting! He won’t be slaying any dragons, per se (unless you’d consider unemployment as a type of fire-breathing lizard) but he will be meeting new friends, making enemies and maybe even getting some sort of animal companion that’s secretly a master copywriter.

Stay tooned.

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Al is a marketer at HubSpot, a marketing software company in Cambridge, MA. He is the creator of Mink.

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