If The Shoe Fits…

This probably would’ve been funnier about 5 years ago when there was a social network for just about everything, but I think the joke still carries, especially since it has sharing economy undertones.

For the uninitiated, the sharing economy model is the practice of <start Wikipedia definition> using information technology to provide individuals, corporations, non-profits and governments with information that enables the optimization of resources through the redistribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. </end Wikipedia definition> Think Uber or Airbnb.

With the recent success of those two examples, the sharing economy model seems to be the newest trend that people will try to wedge a business concept into. Of course, the success of any of these businesses will rely solely on the sustained demand for such a service.

Uber works well because people will always need rides– Airbnb works too because people will always travel and need a place to stay. Not sure the same thing can be said for shoe shopping buddies.

Regardless, I actually kind of wish there was a business like Cobblr. As an individual with two different sized feet, it would help me save a little bit of money. Maybe if this whole comic thing doesn’t work out, I’ll work on launching that in my spare time.


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