It’s a Long Way to The Top In Your Marketing Role


One of the clients I worked for during my first job at an agency built a digital platform where girls ages 5 to 12 could design their own clothes online, have them manufactured at a warehouse and then delivered.

Originally, I was not enthused to work on this account– I mean, girls fashion isn’t on the top of my list of things I find interesting– but work was scarce so I swallowed my pride and learned just about everything about pre-teen girl clothes.

One of the marketing strategies we devised was a “mommy blogger” outreach campaign. Moms were the primary decision-makers in this purchase (aside from the occasional girl who “borrowed” mommy’s credit card) so targeting them was the main directive.

To engage the moms in the blogging campaign, I scoured the web for mothers blogging (for reference, this was relatively easy because there are a ton– seriously, a ton), crafted a pitch email that involved trying out the clothes creation platform and writing a favorable review (a gift card was involved to sweeten the deal) and reported back the published blogs to the client.

A few of the moms assumed I was a female marketer (probably because they didn’t realize that a 23-year-old college graduate male was taking any job he could get) and referred to me as “Allie” in their replies, despite the fact I signed emails as “Al”. To save us from mutual embarrassment, I never corrected them.

This gig wasn’t the most glamorous work in the marketing space, but I got some moderate PR experience under my belt and began to understand digital strategy.

While it sometimes may seem like a slog starting out with any job, there’s never a wasted moment. You just need find the value in the experience.

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Al is a marketer at HubSpot, a marketing software company in Cambridge, MA. He is the creator of Mink.

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