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Has anyone uncovered the true meaning or purpose of favoriting a tweet? It’s like the social media equivalent of saying “that’s funny” to a joke instead of laughing at it.

I’m always slightly disappointed when someone favorites my tweets. Was the content not remarkable enough to share through a retweet? What types of content do I need to publish to get you to advocate for me? Is there any value beyond the self-actualization triggered by that little yellow star?

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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Al is a marketer at HubSpot, a marketing software company in Cambridge, MA. He is the creator of Mink.

4 thoughts on “Retweets Are My Favorite”

  1. I agree that favorite is a weak interaction. I think it was meant to be a bookmarking tool, which is how I sometimes use it. I think it’s main use now is to allow Tweeps to show appreciation similar to a Like on Facebook. The thing about a retweet is that in doing so you become a surrogate for the Tweet, it’s as if you said it yourself. It’d be nice if Twitter had something more in line with a Like because I may appreciate your Tweet but not want to add your brand to mine.

    1. Nice, Michael. I like the “may appreciate your Tweet but not want to add your brand to mine” bit. Retweeting is effectively repeating what someone says through your own voice, which can be perceived as supporting the idea fully yourself. Thanks for reading Mink!

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