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To be ironic, I almost made this strip a multi-page slideshow. But then I realized I actually want people to read my comic and not be frustrated about the UX (user experience) of the website.

UX is part of the reason why I switched to the vertical format you see today (as opposed to horizontal) — people gave me feedback that the horizontal strip was difficult to read on their phone. After hearing this, I dug a bit deeper and found that most people visiting this website were coming from a mobile browser, such as a smart phone or tablet. So, I made the switch (and I’ll probably make more UX tweaks as the strip evolves).

Anyway, back to the point of this commentary. I’m sure that you’ve at least stumbled upon content setup in slideshow format somewhere on the web. While doing this, you probably also got very frustrated with how you couldn’t view the content on one page and instead, needed to click on a little arrow to progress down the list of movie stars from your childhood that got really attractive in their 20s. Nevertheless, you decided to start clicking through and aw dammit, an ad popped up and a video started playing.

So you end up leaving the website.

Well, although you found your way there, actually bouncing (leaving the website) rather quickly after arriving can have a negative effect on a website’s search engine ranking. Even though it’s true that more pages on your site builds more website authority which in turn boosts your site pages’ rankings, having a bad UX can have a detrimental affect. So, choose your website optimization techniques wisely!

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